Kelpie Breed

The Australian Kelpie came into being in the mid 1800's when several 'black dogs' or Colleys were imported into Australia from Scotland. The offspring from these dogs produced the first 'Kelpie-like' dogs.
The breed was developed to predominantly work with livestock and cope with the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback. The Australian Kelpie is very capable of handling large quantities of stock and is versatile within its environment, be it yard or field.
The Australian Kelpie is a very intelligent, problem solving dog, eager to learn and please. Despite their working credentials they also make extremely good companions and are exceptionally loyal. They have a good natured temperament and can be easily incorporated into family life.
Australian Kelpies are medium sized dogs and can live to a ripe old age of 16 years.
The colour of the foundation dogs for this breed were predominantly black but over the years other colours have emerged. The range includes black, red, blue, fawn and cream. Almost all will have splashes of tan interspersed with their main colour.
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